Men’s Day at Paragon Golf Course

Nearly three thousand rounds played annually

Paragon Golf Course has long been home to an immensely popular weekly men’s day league with close to three thousand rounds played annually. This event is held every Thursday starting the first Thursday of May and running until the closing event which is held on the last Saturday in September. Tee times are guaranteed for your foursome for the whole season with tee times running from 9:00 AM till 4:00 PM every Thursday. Part of each player’s weekly entrance fee goes towards making a donation with the players voting to give to a local charity. Quite often this donation comes back to Paragon for golf course improvements.

 Men’s Day Results 2024

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          May 2, 2024         June 6, 2024         July 4, 2024          Aug 1, 2024          Sept 5, 2024

          May 9, 2024         June 13, 2024        July 11, 2024          Aug 8,2024         Sept 12, 2024

          May 16, 2024       June 20, 2024        July 18, 2024        Aug 15, 2024        Sept 19, 2024

          May 23, 2024      June 27, 2024         July 25, 2024       Aug 22, 2024        Sept 26, 2024

May 30, 2024                                               Aug 29, 2024                       



1. START: Men’s Day will start the first Thursday in May and ends Thursday September
28th with starting times beginning at 9:00 and ending at 4:00pm. However, entries may be accepted
prior to that time provided at least two players in that group participate in Men’s Day. All players must
register and pay at the Pro Shop prior to play.
2. TEE TIMES: Tee times for the season can be made at the Pro Shop the last Thursday in April
25th at 8:00 AM, alternating between a player in person and a player calling in on the Pro Shop phone
3. ENTRY FEES: These will be reviewed annually and published prior to the start of the first
Men’s Day of the season. 2024 fees are $12.00 to play including $2.00 for skins.
4. DIVISIONS: The field will be divided into 2 Divisions. The White Division which will be
divided into 4 flights. These flights will be determined weekly. The Red Senior Division which can be
played by those who are 65 years or older. The Red Senior Division will normally only be 1 flight. You
must decide whether you are going to play white or red tees after 2 weeks of play.
5. PRIZES: The total value of the prizes will be dependent on the number of participants. White
and Red Division Prizes will be divided equally among the flights with 2 gross and 2 net prizes per flight.
All ties for both gross and net will be decided by retrogression (starting with the hardest hole and
working backwards).
6. SKINS: There will be a skin’s game every Men’s Day. Skin’s will be paid out to each
7. RINGER BOARD: A Ringer Board will be maintained over the golf season. There will be a ringer
board for each flight. The results will be published weekly. Prizes for the season will be awarded at the
closing tournament.

               1) Stroke play format using RCGA and local rules. Local rule #9 not in use for
                  Men’s Day.
               2) All holes must be putted out (no gimmies).
               3) Full names must be on the score cards.
               4) Every score will be entered into the Men’s Day computer by the committee.
                  The handicaps generated will be used solely for Men’s Day.
               5) All players plyers must enter their score in the regular computer.


               1) Maximum of one round per day between prior to 4:30.
               2) From 9:00 am till 4:00 pm all male members playing must participate in
                   Men’s Day. Adult male guests of the Men’s Day players cannot participate in
                   Men’s Day competition.
               3) Juniors with a handicap index of 10 or less are permitted to play in Men’s
               4) Players with or without guaranteed tee times can only be moved to open
                    tee times by the Pro Shop.

10. CLOSING: In order to qualify for the Closing Tournament, you must have played in at least
5 games. This tournament will be scheduled on a Saturday Sept.28th, 2024. The White and Red Senior
Divisions will be a shotgun start 4 person team scramble with selection based on handicaps. The entry
fee will be reviewed annually and posted prior to the tournament. A meal will be served after the
tournament. Anyone participating in less than 10 Men’s Days will be required to pay for the meal.
Prizes will be awarded following the meal.
11. DONATION: Suggestions for the following year’s donation will be accepted by the committee
throughout the playing season. A vote by the Men’s Day Closing Tournament players will be conducted
on that closing date.
12. REFUNDS: There will be no refunds or cancellation of Men’s Day unless PGCC closes course
for safety and or playing conditions reasons.
13. PROCEDURAL CHANGES: Any changes to Men’s Day procedures will be addressed at the
Closing Tournament.