New Restaurant

Welcome to Birdies Clubhouse at Paragon!

Just opened this spring, our new restaurant and bar is a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere suitable for all ages and a variety of occasions.

Kate Oliver and Adam Lemieux are food and beverage enthusiasts with a wide range of experiences in the industry. Kate is a graduate of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and a well-travelled chef and kitchen manager. She has also operated an award-winning hot sauce company and overseen a not-for-profit emergency meal preparation program. Adam also has considerable experience as a line cook, as well as a long history as a golfer. Together they have operated a busy inn and catering business.

Having moved to the Annapolis Valley with their family in 2021, Kate and Adam are thrilled for this opportunity to serve residents and visitors in their new home. At Paragon, they are taking advantage of the Valley’s natural abundance to provide gourmet versions of your favourite bar and grill classics, as well as unique specials with fresh flavours from around the globe.

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