Have you ever wondered what goes into golf course maintenance in order to have a course in great condition? 

Maintaining a golf course is no small task! Let me give you some insights into what goes on behind the scenes to keep our greens and fairways greens in top shape:

Daily maintenance:

1. Early Start: Our turf care team rises with the sun to prepare the course for golfers. They aim to work efficiently before play begins, ensuring minimal disruption.  These early morning tasks include mowing the greens, changing hole locations, moving tee markers, grooming bunkers, monitor for signs of pests/animal damage and garbage removal.

2. Round Two: After their initial morning tasks, a second round begins. This includes mowing tee boxes, fairways and rough areas, and trimming turf around bunkers and trees.

Regular/Scheduled maintenance on the course includes managing moisture levels through irrigation and “weather-watching”, Verti-cutting and top dressing the greens as needed, rolling the greens, and following the seasonal turf “fertility program.” The turf fertility program includes the use of fertilizers (both granular and wet products are used), wetting agents (help with moisture levels which encourage grass growth), PGR’s (plant growth regulators), fungicides as needed, and irrigation/watering as needed.  

Tree management is another important component of course maintenance. Trees are a vital part of the course and need to be managed. The trees serve as a way to keep the course shaded and cool during the hottest times of the day, and they are also able to filter dust and CO2. Where possible, trees should not be allowed to grow too close to putting greens because this adversely affects air flow and sunlight, which are integral to healthy putting surfaces. A good tree maintenance program, which may at times mean the removal of trees, is necessary to maintain great playing conditions.


What can members do to help maintain and improve the conditions of play on and around the course?   

There are many ways members can help support course maintenance which include:

 1. Either replacing divots or filling divot holes in the fairway with sand (ideally you only fill the divot approximately 2/3 of the depth to minimize impact on the blades of the mowers).

2. Repairing ball marks on the green (especially the ones others failed to repair) as un-repaired ball marks on greens can take up to two weeks to recover.

3. Raking bunkers every time you enter & exit a bunker or when you notice bunkers not raked by others.

4. Keeping power carts away from the greens complex by staying outside the yellow stakes in front of greens.

5. Keeping power carts on paved cart path when possible – especially around the greens and tee boxes.

6. By using the garbage & recycling container correctly – garbage in garbage containers and recycled bottles/cans in the recycle containers (typically the new blue containers with the white recycle triangle).   


Members are requested not to question the maintenance staff about course conditions, maintenance plans, etc., as they are busy working on regular course maintenance. These questions should be addressed to Dave MacMillan, Paragon Director of Golf + Club Superintendent, or Colin Muise, Greens Director.    

Finally, next time you tee off, take a moment to appreciate the commitment of these maintenance team. Their work goes beyond simple grass mowing – it’s about creating excellent playing conditions for all golfers.  

Remember, golf course maintenance involves much more than meets the eye! 


Yours truly,

Colin Muise, Paragon G&CC Greens Director

Strawberry Classic 2024

Cheers to another Strawberry Classic in the books!! Despite a rainy setback that led to the cancellation of Saturday, Sunday was the perfect comeback.

A round of applause is in order for the various individuals who made this tournament such a success! Firstly, we would like to recognize Doug Bullerwell for his dedicated time and effort in organizing such an outstanding event. Our sincere thanks also goes to our maintenance crew for pristine conditions of our greens, the ProShop staff for their great assistance, and Birdies Clubhouse for providing a meal.

We are grateful for our sponsors: Kandy Golf, Annapolis Valley Wellness, TD Chris MacRae, Nova International, and Green Diamond for their generous support.

A big congratulations goes to all the participants and a special shoutout to the Regular Division Overall Low Net and Tournament Champions Paragon’s, Rob Brown and Cynthia Taylor.

Below you can find the results for each division.

2024 Junior Golf Program

May 30, 2024


As the season is well underway here at Paragon Golf and Country Club, we would like to share some valuable information on our 2024 Junior Golf Program.

First and foremost, we are very excited to announce once again Bryce Zinck and Kyla Macisaac will be returning as our lead instructors and program coordinators. 

2024 Junior Golf Clinics Dates: 

June 12th, June 26th, July 10th, July 24th, August 7th, August 21st

Time: 4pm to 5:30pm

Meeting spot: Putting green

Ages: 6+


Junior member – free

Non-member: $60.00 ($10.00 per clinic) This can be used as credit towards as a junior membership

Please phone ProShop to let us know if your child will be coming for the Junior Clinics before June 11th, 2024.

Junior Day !! 

We are also happy to announce that the club management will be reserving tee times from 9-11AM every Tuesday morning, beginning July 2nd 2024and culminating with the Junior Club Championship on August 27th.

We are really hoping for increased participation in our Junior Golf Program this year, as we grow this essential part of our wonderful golf club. The Junior golfers are indeed the future of our Club, and the future of the game!!

Stay tuned for more information regarding Paragon’s Junior Golf Community Sponsorship initiative, and other related topics pertaining to Junior Golf at Paragon.

Gord Tidman Honorary Lifetime Membership

May 28, 2024

On the evening of May 28th, at the Paragon Golf and Country Club Spring AGM meeting, original member, and stalwart friend of our Club, Gordon Tidman received an honorary lifetime membership. This long-overdue distinction was lovingly bestowed upon “Gord” for his decades of service, counsel, and passion for all things Paragon!!


Below you will find the testimonial, and brief history of Gord’s lifetime relationship with Paragon Golf and Country Club, as recounted by Club Vice-President, Sharon Griffith:

Honorary Members are Members to whom the Club has accorded special recognition for outstanding service to the Club or outstanding public services. Our Honorary this evening certainly fulfills both of these requirements.

First outstanding service to the Club. Long before Paragon opened in 1963 three men named Kaye Huet, Gordon Shaw, and Len Giffin thought that the area needed a public members course. Greenwood was open, but it was a military operation and not easily accessible to all. They soon realized that there was more to building a golf course than the physical aspects of shovels in the ground, building of tees, fairways and so on. Acquisition of land, ownership of course, financial concerns and safe guards for the future operation of a course were matters well outside their purview. So with this in mind, they approached a young and upcoming young lawyer in the area named Gordon Alfred Tidman or Gord as we affectionately call him.

Gord agreed to act as their counsel even when they told him they had no money. His reply to them was “pay what you can when you can.” I hesitate to think what we owe him today in interest on those unpaid bills.

So Gord set to work. First the land where Paragon stands today had to be acquired and be approached R.A. Joudrey of Hantsport to see if the land was for sale. Yes the land, 260 acres, could be bought and the deal was sealed for the purchase price of $15,000 with a $1,000 down payment. Gord then made application to the Federal Business Development Bank for a loan of $45,000 and was able to secure the finds after negotiating a deal. In the early years there were many dark financial periods, but with his advice and counsel, he somehow guided the Club through and this year marks 61 years of operation of Paragon.

In May 1963 three temporary holes were opened for play by members. 1964 marked the first complete year of operation and Gord was the first President of Paragon.

The outstanding public service part of Hounrary Membership Gord has more than fulfilled. He served on the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Golf Association and culminated in becoming President of the Association. He was elected to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly for Kings West and was appointed Queen’s Counsel. In 1985 he was named Judge to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. Today he and his wife Marg are enjoying retirement in Margetsville overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

Gord has always been there for Paragon whether it be for legal matters, holding office, sponsoring events – always working for the betterment of the Club. His dedication and love for the Club has never wavered and today we, as Members, are able to enjoy of beloved course Paragon thanks to Gord.

– Sharon Griffith

Gord has been such a huge part of the rich history of this Club, and the debt we owe him as members is impossible to quantify. We can however say thank you to Gord for all he has done to help us become the Club we are today!!

Thank you Gord.

Annual General Meeting

Notice to all Paragon Members 

The Annual General Meeting of Paragon Golf and Country Club is being held on May 28th, 2024, at 7:00pm in the Clubhouse. 

Reports from the Board of Directors will be presented, and the new By-Laws, (link below), will be voted upon. 

If members have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed, they will be added to the Agenda. Please forward your items to Laverne Slauenwhite,, on or before Thursday, May 23, 2024. 

Laverne Slauenwhite 

Secretary, Board of Directors 

By-Law Link

Agenda – Fall Meeting, October 18th, 7:00PM

Paragon Clubhouse 


  1. Call to Order
  2. Moment of Remembrance 
  3. GM Report 
  4. Board Reports 
  5. By-law Amendments,  Vote 
  6. Questions from the Floor 
  7. Election of New Board Members 
  8. Adjournment 

Agenda – Fall Meeting, October 18th, 7:00PM

Paragon Clubhouse 



  1. Call to Order
  2. Moment of Remembrance 
  3. GM Report 
  4. Board Reports 
  5. By-law Amendments,  Vote 
  6. Questions from the Floor 
  7. Election of New Board Members 
  8. Adjournment 

Fall Meeting Notice! 


The 2023 Fall General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 18th, at 7:00 PM in the Paragon Clubhouse. The Board of Directors nominees are; Colin Muise, Doug Bullerwell, Mike Clark, Laverne Slauenwhite and Lorne McMullen.   


We look forward to your attendance. 




The Board of Directors  

Paragon Golf and Country Club 

Fall Maintenance 2023


Fall Maintenance 2023 !!


As the 2023 golf season winds down we would like to announce that the Paragon maintenance staff will be core aerating our greens on Oct 16th & 17th.  That being said the front 9 will be closed for play on Oct 16th, and the back 9 will be closed on Oct 17th, as this very important maintenance practice is carried out.  

We apologize for any inconvenience,


Paragon Management Team



2023 Club Closing Event

Club Closing 6-6-6 2023
The 2023, 6-6-6 Club Closing this year was held on September 30th.  It was a beautiful, brisk morning which turned out to be a really nice day, once the fog lifted.  We had a Ladies Division, Men’s Divisions and a Mixed Division which made up our 44-team field.  Fun was had by all and the golf scores were great, considering this unique format.  After golf there was a meal and refreshments prepared by the Oaken Barrell.  Thanks Dean and staff, the meal and drinks where fabulous!  A cake for dessert to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Paragon was enjoyed by all.
Thanks to the maintenance crew for their continued hard work in preparing the course, it was in great condition!  Thank you to all the sponsors: Freeman Motors, H.E. Armstrong, Aurora Inn, Barry Morse, Susan Hennessey, Royal LePage, Bayshore Contracting, Green Diamond and Broker Link for their gracious donations.  Thanks to Chrystal for her help scoring and making sure everyone was warmed up with a special beverage!!  And last, but certainly not least, thanks to all the participants that came out to play in the closing and helped celebrate Paragon’s 60th anniversary!!
Paragon Management Team
2023 Club Closing Winners !!
Ladies Division
1st Gross
Tammela Phinney and Laura MacMillan with a 88
1st Net
Cynthia Taylor and Patricia Veinott with a 64.3
Mixed Division
1st Gross
Jeff Coleman and Debbie Walker with a 81 Best Back Nine
1st Net
Ron Gee and Chantal Desjardins with a 56.8
2nd Gross
Fraser MacNeil and Brenda Firth with a 81
Men’s A Division
1st Gross
Gerry MacMillan and Chad MacMillan with a 66
1st Net
Steve Webb and Pierre Boulianne with a 62.7
2nd Gross
Erwin Banks and Eric Banks with a 70
Men’s B Division
1st Gross
Rob Brown and Dave Pineo with a 77
1st Net
Watson Armstrong and Barry Morse with a 60.3
2nd Gross
Dwight Grimm and Murray Fader with a 78
Closest to the Holes:
#4 For Men Sponsored by H.E. Armstrong
Cayden Peters 6 inches
#7 For Ladies Sponsored by H.E. Armstrong
Chantal DesJardins
#13 For both Men and Women Sponsored by Freeman Motors
Reg White 26 inches
#15 For Ladies sponsored by Aurora Inn
Cynthia Taylor 10 Feet 3 inches
#17 For Men sponsored by Barry Morse
Morely Reid 12 Feet
#9 Closest to the Line sponsored by Bayshore Contracting
Tim Fay on the line
#6 Longest Drive for Women sponsored by Green Diamond
Vicki Gaudet
#18 Longest Drive for Men sponsored by Susan Hennessey Royal LePage
Pierre Boulianne

2023 Labor Day 2 Man Scramble

The Paragon Labor Day 2 Man Scramble was held last weekend (Sept 2nd & 3rd), and a great time was had by all involved!!

The weather was great all weekend, and the Paragon grounds crew did a fantastic job getting the golf course in superb condition for the tournament.

The Pro shop staff did an excellent job greeting the players, and getting them out on the course.

We would like to send out a huge thank you to all of the volunteers that come out to help with scoring, set up, prizing etc.  We would not be able to host an event like this without the help of such a devoted group of Paragon volunteers.  We are truly thankful for each and everyone of them!!

We would also like to thank our wonderful sponsors for their generous support.  Thanks to West Nova Fuels, Bruce Auto Group, Green Diamond, Nova International, Chris MacCrae (TD Bank), Darrell Cook (CIBC Bank).

And last but certainly not least a huge thank you to all of the players who came from all over the province, country and further to play our tournament and to make this another successful event!!


The Paragon Management Team



Our 2023 Labor Day Overall Champions

Travis Smith and Andy Swim with a 2 day gross total of 131.

Labor Day Results 2023 

Labor Day Overall Champions 

Travis Smith and Andy Swim with a 131 Gross for 2 days 


Labor Day Results 2023





Sam Hayden 2023

26 teams participated in the annual Sam Hayden Tournament. It is competitive and social tournament that recalls Sam Hayden who was one of the founding members at Paragon. The ladies teed off the orange tees and the gents teed off the red tees. It is a net tournament in which the team handicap is determined by 60% of the lower handicap and 40% of the higher handicap.

The day started out damp but by the time the players teed off, it was sunny, breezy and 23. The course was in great shape considering all the rain that we have had. Billy Eaton made sure that all the pins were well placed. Thank you to Barb and the Pro Shop staff for collecting the entries. Thank you to Dean (Oaken Barrel) for extending his hours. Thank you to Lorraine and John Drummond for scoring. Picture attached.

Additionally, friends of Roger and Audrey Neate announced, that in their memory, over $300 had been collected to purchase a bench to be installed on the course this fall.

The Winners:

63 Gaudets $60

65 Tidman and Fay $50

67 Rings $40

68 Spicer and Glavin $30

the following all tied at 70 (tie breaking procedure)

70 Grimms $20

70 Graves and Lavigne $20

70 Haywood and Dale $20

70 MacMillan and Coleman $10

Rosemary and Mike Willett

Congratulations Mike and Vicki Gaudet winners of the Sam Hayden 2023

Club Championship 2023

Club Champions 2023

First Photo  Ladies Club Champion Leslie Houde(middle), Ladies Senior Club Champion Debbie Walker(right side) and Field Low Net Champion Queenie Bond(left side)

Third Photo Men’s Club Champion Stephen Webb

Fourth Photo Men’s Senior Club Champion Paul Arsenault

Second Photo Field Low Net Champion Morely Reid


Club Championship 2023 

The Paragon G&CC Club Championships were held this past weekend.  Thanks to the Oaken Barrell for the wonderful meal provided on Saturday and of course the refreshments on and off the course.  Thanks to the maintenance staff, who have given us a beautiful course all year!!    We would like to thank the pro shop staff and our volunteers for their hard work in the running of our club championship.  I would to thank our star volunteer Chrystal Cory for coming out to help this weekend.  She did a fantastic job assisting me with the scoring and prize presentations; thank you so much Chrystal.  Finally, a note to the competitors, who all played hard, and enjoyed the friendly competition, and comradery this weekend.   We would like to congratulate our  Men’s Champion Steve Webb, Ladies Champion Leslie Houde and Senior Men’s Champion Paul Arsenault,  and Senior Women’s Champion Debbie Walker, for their superb play in winning their respective divisions on the weekend!   Also congratulations to our Field Low Net Champions Queenie Bond and Morely Reid.    

Thanks for a great weekend of golf! 

Paragon Management Team 

For all results please see below

Club Championship Results
Name Score
Ladies Champ Leslie Houde 167
Men’s Champ Stephen Webb 151
Senior Ladies Champ Debbie Walker 178
Senior Men’s Champ Paul Arsenault 153
Field Low Net Ladies Queenie Bond 150
Field Low Net Men’s Morely Reid 140
“A” 1st Low Gross Les Smith 153
“A” 1st Low Net Tom Banks 145
“A” 2nd Low Gross Gerry MacMIllan 155
“A” 2nd Low Net Gary Smiith 149
“B” 1st Low Gross Ryan Dale 162
“B” 1st Low Net Wayne Jones 145
“B” 2nd Low Gross Mike Tucker 164
“B” 2nd Low Net Colin Muise 149
“C” 1st Low Gross Wade Seymour 143
“C” 1st Low Net Gary Ripley 141
“C” 2nd Low Gross Jeff Coleman 177
“C” 2nd Low Net Dave Pineo 145
Red Tees Low Gross Fraser MacNeil 166
Closest to the Pin Sat Ladies Queenie Bond 3 Feet on #13
Closest To the Pin Sat Men Cody Sabean 71 Inches on # 7
Closest To the Pin Sun Men Paul Goulding 6 feet 3.5 inches # 17



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